Project management assistance

Project management and change management :

✓ Framework, governance, management and operational monitoring
✓ Impact analysis
✓ Training plan
✓ Communication plan

Target system design:

✓  Design of solutions in line with customer expectations
✓  Contribution of business and functional skills
✓ Realization of expressions of requirements
✓ Validation of functional specifications
✓ Configuration of the solution and creation of configuration files

Operational support:

✓ Unit and flow integration tests, recipes
✓ Solution training
✓ Assistance in the implementation of business procedures and operating methods
✓ Start-up support

Professional Coaching :

✓ Support the actors of your projects to develop their potential
✓  Propose the implementation of collective solutions in order to achieve a common goal
✓  Create cohesion in the project team
✓  Increase your performance
✓  Sustain the change

Our consultants are committed to designing and delivering a system aligned with your business requirements.